24″ Inline LED Task Light

SKU: UI.0040.24.AL
  • Easy to install with magnets or screws (screws not included).
  • A UI.0041.01.00 Inline LED power pack is required for a basic light (sold separately), both of these items are available together in the UI.0043.24.AL kit.
  • The UI.0042 6″ and 19″ daisy chains available (sold separately), they can daisy chain up to three additional Inline LED task lights on one power pack.
  • Approximately 65% energy savings compared to a standard fluorescent light.
  • Approximate lifetime is double that of a standard fluorescent light.
  • Incandescent equivalent is 80 watts.
  • Light Spectrum – 3500K Warm White.
  • Product is UL approved.
  • Mercury free with possible LEED points.